Aaveg : Prithvi T-shirts


The annual inter hostel cultural and sports festival for the first-year populace of NIT Trichy!

College fests are never complete until you wear the fest T-shirts
Brand new Prithvi Merchandise just a few clicks away.

T-shirt Quality –
Cotton 240 GSM Bio wash
Semi combed cotton.
Superb comfort and edge-to-edge clean stitching.

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  • Prithvi, despite his all-pervasive powers, is never the one to exploit these powers for personal gain. The vast ecosystem lies in his grasp.
  • Life, as we know it, is facilitated by his nurturing.
  • While Prithvi has created the very soil you walk over, he is NOT one to let anybody walk over him.
  • His actions mirror his heart, as he is not one to sugar-coat his words to appease others.
  • He is grounded in reality and never lets his fantasies get the best of him.
  • His composure and fair sense of justice in his ruling has won the hearts of you and your people.
  • Your composure in the face of adversity, brutal honesty, and straightforwardness is remarkable. You are gentle and supportive yet fiercely competitive, resilient, and persistent.
  • Your People are both literally and figuratively, “Down to earth” and never let their virtues get to their head.
  • Your infectious optimism sparks the team spirit making your clan a formidable foe in the wars to come.
Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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