Aaveg : Jal T-shirts


The annual inter hostel cultural and sports festival for the first year populace of NIT Trichy!

College fests are never complete until you wear the fest T-shirts
Brand new Jal Merchandise just a few clicks away.

T-shirt Quality –
Cotton 240 GSM Bio wash
Semi combed cotton.
Superb comfort and edge-to-edge clean stitching.

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  • Jal is the embodiment of water.
  • The vast oceans, meandering rivers, and mighty seas are at Jal’s command and ready to be released with a flick of his wrist.
  • A drop of water to quench your thirst or a tsunami to cleanse the land, Jal does it all.
    His devotion to your people is rewarded by equal, if not more, loyalty.
  • Jal’s shrewd analytical skills help come up with innumerable solutions in the face of peril, but this very trait can sometimes put him in jeopardy.
  • Your astute brilliance has held your kingdom together in the face of many difficulties.
  • You might not be the first to step up with a solution but the one you present is certainly unbeatable.
  • Your impeccable wisdom provides an objective view mindless of his own feelings and notions.
  • The ease with which water contorts its form, unrestricted in shape, unobstructed by hindrances, is reflected in your adaptability.
  • When angered, even walls of stone and steel fail to contain your watery wrath.
Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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