Aaveg : Agni T-shirts


The annual inter hostel cultural and sports festival for the first-year populace of NIT Trichy!

College fests are never complete until you wear the fest T-shirts
Brand new Agni Merchandise just a few clicks away.

T-shirt Quality –
Cotton 240 GSM Bio wash
Semi combed cotton.
Superb comfort and edge-to-edge clean stitching.

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  • Often viewed as the impulsive and rebellious one amongst the entities, redeems herself by being an exemplary and assertive leader.
  • She is extremely passionate about her nation and protective of her people. She is characterized by willpower, patriotism, and authority.
  • While her temper can occasionally impede her judgment, her loyal following and council never cease to leave her side.
  • Your people are constantly inspired by her and vow to follow her stead. Ignited by your passion, fuelled by your will, and driven by your sheer power, none can stand before your might.
  • Heavily influenced by personal life experiences and impulses, you are a person who craves action.
  • The banners of Agni burn bright not only at the brink of war but also in your heart.
  • You are decisive and firm in your convictions. Exhibiting enormous levels of patriotism, you love your nation and its people more than yourself. You are never one to hold back and give it your all.
  • Your emblazing passion and determined mission shine bright even in the darkest of times.
Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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